Every time we travel abroad, curiosity will always arise to try the special culinary delights of the country we are visiting. Denmark, which is famous for its Traditional Danish Food, should not be missed when visiting this country.

1. Danish Pastry

One of the hallmarks of a typical Danish pastry is its strong buttery aroma. For example this danish pastry. The crispy cakes with the aroma of butter and spices are much loved by locals and tourists alike. This cake is often served to accompany your relaxing time while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.

2. Smørebrød

This food is a piece of bread served with a variety of toppings. It can be boiled eggs, salmon, fried fish, or shrimp. The bread that is generally used is whole wheat bread. As a flavor and aroma enhancer, smørebrød is also served with a lemon wedge.

3. Vaniljekrans

Vaniljekrans is a very popular Danish cookie. Danish recipe writing always adorns every package of butter cookies. One of the advantages of Vaniljekras that makes it popular with many people is the aroma and the buttery taste of this cake.

4. Rugbrød

Rugbrød bread made from flour and rye nuts. The texture of this bread is like whole wheat bread and is more brown. Rugbrød is usually served with tuna or chicken.

5. Bofsandwich

This dish is a burger and is one of Denmark’s most popular and much-loved culinary delights. The bun is filled with beef and then given a generous amount of brown sauce. The use of this chocolate sauce is the hallmark and key to the delicacy of this Danish burger.

6. Parsley Sauce

This white sauce with a sprinkling of parsley leaves is often used as a complement to typical Danish dishes. This sauce is made from butter, milk, flour, persley leaves, pepper, and salt. Processing of this sauce is also fairly easy. Just put all the ingredients one by one into a pan that has been heated with melted butter.

7. Roasted Duck

This food is processed roast duck meat with sauce. Before the meat is grilled, it is usually soaked with seasoning liquid so that more seasoning is more perfect for the meat.

8. Pariserbøf

Toasted bread served with beef chunks. All ingredients and seasonings are sauteed using butter. The pariserbøf dish also uses whole egg yolks and sliced onions.